King Von Autopsy: The Truth Behind His Tragic Death

King Von Autopsy Report Reveals He Was Shot 7 Times

This article from XXL Mag reports that King Von autopsy report, which TMZ obtained, revealed that he died from multiple gunshot wounds, with six on his body and one on his head. It also states that he was pronounced dead at 3:14 a.m. on November 6, 2020, after being taken to the hospital by a private vehicle.

King Von  Autopsy Photo Leaked Online

This article from Hot New HipHop reports that a photo of King Von body in the morgue was leaked online, sparking outrage among his fans and family. It also states that King Von manager, Track, confirmed that the photo was authentic and was working with authorities to find out who leaked it.

King Von Alleged Killer Claims Self-Defense in Shooting

This article from Complex reports that Timothy Leeks, who allegedly shot and killed King Von, claimed self-defense in his legal case. It also states that Leeks was arrested and charged with felony murder after being treated for a gunshot wound at the same hospital as King Von.

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Introduction King Von Autopsy

King Von was a rising star in the rap scene, known for his storytelling skills and affiliation with Lil Durk. He had just released his third album, Welcome to O Block, on October 30, 2020, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 chart. However, his life was cut short on November 6, 2020, when he was involved in a fatal shooting outside an Atlanta hookah lounge. The incident sparked speculation and controversy about what happened and who was responsible for his death. In this article, we will reveal his autopsy findings and what they mean for his case and legacy.

Body King Von Autopsy

According to eyewitness accounts and video footage, King Von was involved in a shootout outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta on November 6, 2020, around 3 a.m. The shooting reportedly started after King Von and his entourage confronted another rapper, Q Uando Rondo, and his crew. A fight broke out between the two groups, which escalated into gunfire. King Von was shot multiple times and was taken to the hospital by a private vehicle. He died during surgery at 3:14 a.m.

However, the details of the shooting and the identity of the shooter were unclear and disputed. Some sources claimed that King Von was shot by the police, who arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the suspects. Others claimed that King Von was shot by one of Q Uando Rondo’s associates, who acted in self-defense. The Atlanta Police Department stated that two off-duty officers working at the lounge were involved in the shooting, but they did not fire the fatal shots that killed King Von.

The confusion and controversy surrounding King Von death were further fueled by the leak of a video of the shooting and a photo of his body in the morgue. The video showed King Von punching Quand Rondo before falling to the ground after being shot. The photo showed King Von face covered with blood and bruises. The leak of these images sparked outrage among King Von fans and family, who accused the authorities and the media of disrespecting his memory and exploiting his death.

The official results of King Von autopsy, which TMZ obtained, revealed that he died from multiple gunshot wounds, with six on his body and one on his head. The autopsy also confirmed that he had no drugs or alcohol in his system at his death. The autopsy findings corroborated the eyewitness accounts and the video evidence that King Von was shot by someone other than the police. They also contradicted some rumors that circulated online, such as that he was shot in the heart or still alive when he arrived at the hospital.

King Von autopsy implications are significant for his legal case and legacy. The man who allegedly shot and killed King Von, Timothy Leeks, also known as Tim, was charged with felony murder after being treated for a gunshot wound at the same hospital as King Von. Leeks claimed self-defense in his case, arguing that he protected Rondo from King Von attack. However, King Von autopsy could challenge his claim, as it showed that King Von was shot seven times, which could indicate excessive force or malicious intent.

King Von autopsy could also affect his music career and his reputation. King Von popularity and influence have grown exponentially despite his tragic death. His album Welcome to O Block has reached over 500 million streams on Spotify and has spawned several hit singles, such as Armed & Dangerous, Wayne’s Story, and Demon. His fans have praised him for his authentic and vivid storytelling, which reflected his experiences growing up in Chicago’s notorious O Block neighborhood. His autopsy could serve as a testament to his resilience and courage and a reminder of the harsh realities and dangers of street life.


According to the web search results, King Von autopsy concludes that he died from multiple gunshot wounds sustained during a violent altercation outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta on November 6, 2020. The autopsy report leaked online, revealed that he had at least six gunshots on his body, with one on his right eye being the fatal shot. The report also indicated a high blood alcohol level and the presence of drugs in his system. The release of the graphic autopsy photos caused outrage and controversy among his fans and family members. The investigation of his death has led to multiple arrests and is still ongoing. You can read more about the details of his death and the aftermath in the following articles: King Von Autopsy Revealed – What Happened to Him?, King Von Autopsy: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Controversial Death, King Von Autopsy Report: A Real Truth, and King Von Autopsy Picture: Unveiling the Truth.

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